Introducing Sunoh,
a revolutionary AI-powered ambient listening technology for clinical documentation

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What is Sunoh?

Sunoh is designed to translate natural language conversations between healthcare providers and patients into clinical documentation. Sunoh offers a unique and immersive experience for both doctors and patients, making the documentation of clinical notes faster and more efficient than ever before. Use it with your EHR to accelerate your documentation.

How Sunoh Works?


Listens to conversation

Sunoh listens to patient-provider conversations to help document clinical information accurately and efficiently.


Generates a dialogue flow

Sunoh uses AI and voice recognition technology to create a transcript of the dialogue flow between providers and patients.


Generates clinical documentation

Sunoh categorizes the summarized content into various progress note sections and allows for reviewing and importing relevant data for clinical documentation.


Place orders seamlessly

Sunoh's summary captures lab, imaging, procedure, and medication orders, as well as follow-up visit details.


Review, modify and import

Sunoh streamlines the clinical documentation process by allowing healthcare providers to review summarized content for accuracy and completeness, modify it if necessary, and merge pre-configured defaults with a single click.


To start using Sunoh, simply click the "Connect Now" button to request a demo. Our team can guide you through the setup and implementation process, ensuring a seamless transition to our AI-powered ambient experience technology.

The clinical documentation generated by Sunoh is highly accurate, thanks to its advanced natural language processing and machine learning algorithms. It is designed to capture all relevant information discussed during the patient encounter and ensure that it is summarized accurately.

Yes, Sunoh can recognize different accents and dialects, making it accessible to a wide range of healthcare providers and patients.

Sunoh ensures the security and privacy of patient data by using industry-standard encryption and security protocols. It is compliant with all relevant healthcare regulations, such as HIPAA in the United States.

Yes, Sunoh can be customized to fit the specific needs of your practice, such as by adding custom templates or fields to the documentation process.

Yes, Sunoh provides a quick tour to help you learn how to get started.

Sunoh can handle complex medical terminology or unusual medical cases thanks to its advanced algorithms and the ability to learn from new data and feedback.

Sunoh improves the efficiency and quality of patient care by streamlining the documentation process and reducing errors, allowing doctors to spend less time on admin and more time with patients.

Sunoh handles documentation requirements by providing tools to capture and record a patient's conversation with the provider and ensuring that all relevant documentation is captured and recorded accurately.

Sunoh can be used for multiple specialties, including primary care, specialty care, and more.

Sunoh handles voice recognition and transcription errors by using advanced algorithms to learn from errors and improve accuracy over time.

Sunoh can be used on desktop computers. We are working on mobile device integration to make it accessible to healthcare providers on the go.

Sunoh can handle non-English languages or medical terms specific to certain regions or countries thanks to its advanced algorithms and the ability to learn from new data and feedback.

Sunoh provides tools and resources to help with patient education and engagement, such as by providing patient-friendly summaries of clinical notes and other relevant information.

Yes, Sunoh can help you identify potential risks or issues with patient care based on the documentation captured during visits, such as by flagging potential drug interactions or other concerns.

To ensure the best results when using Sunoh, we recommend that you speak clearly and enunciate, position yourself near the microphone, and minimize background noise. This can help with accurate transcription and ensure that relevant information is captured.

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