Selecting an AI Medical Scribe for Your Healthcare Practice

February 29, 2024

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The healthcare industry has depended on human scribes, predominantly medical students or aspiring healthcare professionals, for documenting patient encounters for years. This method of capturing and transcribing patient visit details presents its challenges; from finding and retaining qualified scribes to dealing with transcription errors, the process can be expensive and time-consuming. The latest generation of AI medical scribes, like, leverages AI-driven ambient listening technology. This enables real-time documentation of physician-patient conversations, neatly organizing them into structured notes within the Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. By taking over clerical duties, it allows physicians to direct their full attention towards their patients.

AI medical scribes like are redefining the process of healthcare documentation. It offers immense value by reducing administrative load, enhancing record-keeping efficiency, and improving patient care quality. The integration of this game-changing solution into clinical practices is revolutionizing modern healthcare.

How to Choose an AI Medical Scribe

With many options available, how do you choose the best AI-powered medical scribe for your healthcare practice? Here are the top criteria to consider when making your selection.

Efficiency & Consistency

Before selecting the ideal AI-powered scribe for your medical practice, consider its efficiency rate in transcribing and processing medical data. It’s true effectiveness is demonstrated by its ability to effectively transcribe medical interactions, including understanding complex medical terminologies and abbreviations in diverse contexts. Moreover, the technology should minimize manual editing by precisely recognizing medical terms and doctor-patient dialogues. Before selecting the ideal AI-powered scribe for your healthcare practice, consider its efficiency rate and effectiveness in transcribing and processing medical data.

Data Security

As you explore options for your healthcare practice, consider systems offering encrypted storage and secure data transmission designed to uphold the highest standards of patient confidentiality and data protection.

Training & Support

The shift to an AI medical scribe is a substantial change for physicians and their teams. Therefore, choosing a technology partner with thorough training and ongoing support can significantly streamline this transition. Remember, even the most advanced technology can pose challenges without user-friendly features. So, when choosing your medical scribe technology, consider its usability; your staff should be able to easily navigate and effectively use the system to reap its full benefits.


Your AI-powered medical scribe should offer customization to handle your specific requirements. Customization enhances efficiency, enables user-specific voice adjustments for efficient transcriptions, and accommodates individual user preferences. And customizable scribes are equipped for the fast-paced evolution of the healthcare industry. For instance, offers adding customized fields and templates in clinical documentation unique to your practice.


Choosing a scalable cloud AI medical scribe is crucial to meeting your growing healthcare needs. A cloud solution with elastic scaling is designed to handle the increasing demands of ambient listening. Agile updates to software with quick adaptations to market needs are an added benefit of selecting a scalable solution.


Cost-effective AI solutions ensure a good return on investment and deliver high-value services without breaking the bank. These systems can significantly reduce overhead costs by reducing time spent on documentation. Plus, user-friendly AI systems necessitate less training, further saving on training expenses. AI’s ability to streamline operations can minimize the need for additional transcription or documentation staff, resulting in further cost reductions.

Selecting the Right Medical Scribe for Your Practice

Choosing the right AI-powered ambient listening technology or medical scribe involves a multi-faceted approach. The ideal solution should hit all the marks, from high levels of efficiency and consistency in each of the factors highlighted above. As the intersection of advancements in technology and advances in healthcare continue to develop, making a well-informed choice can bring huge benefits to your practice and the quality of care you provide.

Don’t Scribe It. Sunoh It.

That’s why, the revolutionary AI-powered ambient listening technology designed to streamline clinical documentation, is the right choice. It uses voice recognition technology and natural language processing tools to create a transcript of the dialogue flow between patients and providers. It categorizes the summarized content into various progress note sections and allows for reviewing and importing relevant data for clinical documentation. Sunoh’s summary captures lab, imaging, procedure, medication orders, and follow-up visit details.


To learn more about why is the right medical AI scribe for your practice, book your demo today.

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