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May 16, 2024 for Primary Care and family medicine

Primary care is the cornerstone of healthcare; it serves as the first line of defense against health problems. One of the critical aspects of primary care revolves around patient histories and documentation. Accurate and timely documentation aids healthcare providers in diagnosing illnesses, formulating treatment plans, and follow-up care. However, maintaining such detailed records can be a time-consuming and intricate task. This is where medical scribes come into the picture.

Research demonstrates positive impacts associated with using medical scribes, as clinicians spend more face-to-face time with patients and less time on documentation. A research article — AI Scribes: Boosting Physician Efficiency in Clinical Documentation — reports that using an AI-powered medical scribe alleviates the burden of traditional charting of patient encounters, helping to improve physician efficiency, productivity, and well-being. One such AI medical scribe is

Sunoh helps providers reduce the time they spend documenting patient information. It seamlessly captures detailed information about a patient visit, summarizes it, and categorizes it into draft Progress Notes, allowing providers to focus fully on patient care, which is especially important for effective primary care. helps primary care providers keep work at work:

Goodtime Family Care located in Baltimore, Maryland, is a family practice that struggled with managing documentation for a high volume of patients. With such high patient volume, it was getting difficult for them to document patient information in a detailed manner. However, following the implementation of, the practice saw significant improvements.


“Previously, on hectic days, capturing the complete HPI and other crucial details was often missed due to a shortage of time. However, with, there has been a significant improvement, as we can now capture more information in less time. It’s truly a time-saver during both patient visits and the post-visit process,” said Dr. Joseph Osuagwu, medical director at Goodtime Family Care.

Time savings helped the practice save 50% on their clinical documentation time. Dr. Joseph Osuagwu of Goodtime Family Care praises, saying, “It helps me capture more information in less time.”


It has simplified and streamlined the process of capturing vital patient information during consultations, ensuring every detail is captured accurately and efficiently.

Seamless Documentation

According to Dr. Amarachi Uzosike, a healthcare professional at Goodtime Family Care, seamlessly captures natural conversations between a patient and provider: “Earlier the patient consultations were divided into two parts — probing questions and then examining patients, but now it’s more integrated. The information keeps coming without me having to pause to take notes.”

Multiple Speakers

Goodtime Family Care caters to patients across all age groups, including minors who are often accompanied by their parents. Dr. Uzosike explained how’s revolutionary technology flawlessly identifies and transcribes multiple speakers during a patient visit and generates comprehensive draft Progress Notes.

Enhancing Primary Care Delivery

Whether dealing with high patient volumes, facilitating intricate consultations involving multiple speakers, or seamlessly integrating patient examination and documentation, is an indispensable resource. Its impact on Goodtime Family Care is a testament to its effectiveness in enhancing documentation and streamlining operations for primary care practices nationwide.

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