Unlock the Full Potential of Medical AI Scribes with Accessibility Across Devices

March 15, 2024 medical AI scribe available on smartphones and iPads with the apps. is Now Available on iOS and Android Smartphones and iPad

Imagine having your documentation at your fingertips, ready to access in a moment, giving you the freedom to provide better patient care while paperwork is taken care of. We understand the complex environment of your medical practice, where every minute counts. Our state-of-the-art Medical AI Scribe,, is designed to streamline your clinical documentation. The AI-powered ambient listening technology transcribes and documents natural patient-provider conversations in real-time.

Anytime, Anywhere Flexibility

We’ve just released the Sunoh app on iOS® and Android smartphones and on iPad®, providing accessibility on multiple devices. This accessibility enhances healthcare delivery by improving efficiency and communication for better patient outcomes.

You don’t need to buy special microphones or equipment, either. You can use Sunoh on your smartphone and transition to any other applicable device – desktop, iPad, or another smartphone – to access the transcription, patient data, medical history, and additional information with the touch of a button at your convenience.

With an easy-to-navigate interface, Sunoh ensures quick data access, streamlined note-taking, and precise documentation, no matter which device you use.

Using Sunoh via the mobile app offers flexibility, including:

  • Real-time documentation of patient-provider conversations with an automatic summary, allowing for active listening during a visit.
  • The ability to modify summary notes and access existing recordings on multiple devices.
  • Easy transition to another device to access the recording and transcript.

Key Features of a Multifaceted Medical AI Scribe

Enhanced Mobility: Once you use Sunoh on one device, you can easily access the transcript on another device. Being available on multiple devices ensures that you can access and update patient information wherever you are, on the device that’s most convenient for you, be it a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Streamlined Workflows: AI medical scribes generate detailed and efficient notes, drastically reducing the documentation time and freeing doctors to focus on patient care. A multifaceted medical AI scribe improves the ability to access patient medical histories at the point of care.

Provider Satisfaction: With Sunoh handling the documentation, you can spend more time with patients and less time catching up on taking notes after hours, increasing your job satisfaction and productivity.

Improved Collaboration: The synchronization of Sunoh across multiple devices provides you and your team access to the latest patient data, enabling more informed decision-making, real-time assistance and collaboration, and the development of cohesive patient care plans.

Improves Patient Engagement: With less time spent on paperwork, doctors can devote more time to the patient, improving patient satisfaction and experience.

Besides this, medical AI scribes help reduce the time required to complete administrative tasks and reduce the chance of human error in record keeping. Also, AI scribes are always on and ready to work whenever needed, which can be particularly useful during late-night shifts or emergencies. A medical AI medical scribe – like Sunoh –offers accessibility on multiple devices, improves efficiency, streamlines workflows, and assists in provider collaboration by providing real-time data input and allowing documentation in a variety of settings.

Take a step towards a smarter, more efficient practice with Sunoh. Reach out to our team for more information.

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