Seamless Charting with


  • boasted an impressive dictation accuracy of 99%, improving patient care and freeing up medical assistants for important tasks.
  • Doctors experienced significant time efficiency, resulting in more meaningful patient interactions.
  • streamlined time management, resulting in cost savings.
Canyonville Health and Urgent Care Headshot

“There was an ‘Ahhaa’ moment yesterday when I came out of a room and it was just like, wow, now that looks like a chart there. That was pretty wonderful.”
– Jon Gambill, PA-C, Canyonville Health and Urgent Care


Canyonville Health and Urgent Care struggled with limited bandwidth and inefficient time management. Providers were overly dependent on their computers during patient visits, forcing them to spend more time on completing documentation and making it more difficult to focus their time on direct patient care.


Canyonville Health and Urgent Care implemented an innovative solution – – which automates dictation and accurately captures patient interactions in real time during exams. This integration allows providers to focus on hands-on patient care, minimizing laptop use, and effectively organizing documentation without interrupting the care process.

About Practice:

Canyonville Health and Urgent Care is a certified Patient-Centered Primary Care Home located in Canyonville, OR. They have three family medicine providers and are dedicated to providing comprehensive care to patients. With services such as physical exams, diagnostic imaging, and special services like counseling and treatment for opioid dependence, they prioritize patient needs. They also offer walk-in care for urgent services. Their staff is committed to promoting healthy lifestyles and showing compassion to patients.