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June 5, 2024

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The providers at the Michigan-based family practice can now save one to two hours daily after implementing the AI-powered medical scribe

WESTBOROUGH, Mass. — June 5, 2024 —, an EHR-agnostic, AI-powered ambient listening technology, today announced that South Shore Family Practice successfully deployed the AI-powered scribe, saving providers one to two hours daily on clinical documentation. Reducing 50% of time spent on documentation, especially during acute patient visits, helped improve providers’ work-life balance. The physicians can see more patients in less time, enhancing patient care and bringing new efficiencies and revenue to the practice.

Michigan-based South Shore Family Practice offers comprehensive medical care, from newborn care to serving nursing home patients. They strive to provide quality medical care in a friendly and caring environment. Dr. Annie Reinertsen runs and owns the private practice along with a team of dedicated healthcare practitioners. The practice struggled to balance patient care with time-consuming administrative tasks such as paperwork and documentation. Despite several efforts to streamline documentation, the practice had trouble managing the administrative burden. After leveraging, Dr. Reinertsen found it particularly beneficial for handling acute visits, allowing her to see more patients in the same amount of time due to reduced documentation time.

“ helps us save at least one to two hours on documentation daily, improving our work-life balance,” said Dr. Annie Reinertsen, owner of South Shore Family Practice. “Earlier, we considered hiring a human scribe to handle documentation tasks; however, is more affordable and efficient and doesn’t require training like a human scribe would. The AI-powered scribe is a highly beneficial solution as it allows the medical team to focus entirely on the patient while the AI handles much of the visit documentation. We’re really excited to use the mobile phone application during patient home visits.”

Sunoh’s detailed summary captures labs, orders, imaging results, procedures, prescribed medications, and upcoming appointments. It provides physicians the ability to review, edit, and import necessary content, speeding up the documentation process while enhancing patient engagement and clinical efficiency. The AI-powered medical scribe is trusted by over 30,000 providers nationwide. is the first AI-powered medical scribe to generate multimodal notes, capturing and interpreting various data types for contextualized clinical documentation.

“ is revolutionizing patient visits, with practitioners saving up to two hours on clinical documentation daily, ” said Saurabh Singh, vice president of “The advanced AI technology offers real-time transcription of the natural conversations between providers and patients, thus converting office consultations into an immersive experience. We’re excited to be at the forefront of this healthcare transformation, where AI enables new possibilities.”

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