Texas Family Wellness Clinic Selects, Ambient Listening Technology for Clinical Documentation

November 30, 2023

The primary care facility seeks to
accelerate clinical documentation while maintaining high-quality patient care
and boosting overall clinic efficiency

— November 30, 2023
 —, an EHR-agnostic,
AI-powered ambient listening technology for clinical documentation, today
announced that Texas Family Wellness Clinic is eager to adopt, enabling
their providers to save time on clinical documentation and improve efficiency.
Over the past several years, the practice has reported challenges with staffing
and training scribes. With the help of, they aim to decrease physician
burnout and strengthen the patient-provider relationship. seamlessly transcribes natural language conversations between
healthcare providers and patients, offering a unique and immersive experience
for both parties. It helps providers save time from intricate documentation that
requires multiple clicks and multi-tasking by automatically summarizing content
in progress notes and making the documentation faster and more efficient. It is
an EHR-neutral platform, capable of integration with any EHR system.

“We strive to offer top-notch patient care, and if providers are burdened with
clinical documentation, the patient-provider relationships can suffer.” said
Amie Guevara, office administrator at Texas Family Wellness Clinic Inc. “It
requires months of investment in training a scribe, and with high employee
turnover, we needed a better solution for our practice. It seems that
will be the solution to address these challenges. The technology will document
everything during the encounter, allowing providers to make changes as needed.
Providers can focus on building relationships with patients, enhancing the
patient’s experience. This will not only benefit the patients and providers but
also help improve our overall clinic efficiency.”

Physician burnout is prevalent in healthcare, impacting the quality and
efficiency of patient care. AI eases workloads and reduces burnout, helping
providers focus on patient care. takes this a step further by going
beyond clinical documentation, pulling language to facilitate patient orders
entirely. This includes leveraging conversations to capture lab, imaging, and
medication orders, referrals, and follow-up appointment details. ensures the security and privacy of patient data by using
industry-standard encryption and security protocols. It is compliant with all
relevant healthcare regulations. Moreover, it is customizable to fit a
practice’s specific needs, such as by adding custom templates or fields to the
documentation process. improves the efficiency and quality of patient
care by streamlining the documentation process and reducing errors, allowing
doctors to spend less time on administration and more time with patients.

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About Texas Family Wellness Clinic

Texas Family Wellness Clinic, Inc.
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About is the revolutionary, EHR-agnostic, AI-powered ambient listening
technology is designed to seamlessly translate natural language
conversations between healthcare providers and patients into clinical
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