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Say goodbye to the hassle of manual documentation and hello to a seamless and efficient way to capture patient care information. With, healthcare providers can focus on delivering quality patient care while our AI-powered medical scribe captures the details. Request a demo today to experience the immersive and unique benefits of Sunoh firsthand. Our team will guide you through the setup process and help transition you to our AI-powered ambient listening technology. Join the healthcare providers who have already improved their documentation process with Sunoh. Start your conversation today.


To start using Sunoh medical ai scribe, simply click here to request a demo. Our team can guide you through the setup and implementation process, ensuring a seamless transition to our AI-powered ambient experience technology.

The clinical documentation generated by Sunoh is highly accurate, thanks to its advanced natural language processing and machine learning algorithms.

Yes, Sunoh can recognize different accents and dialects, making it accessible to a wide range of healthcare providers and patients.

Sunoh takes privacy and security of patient data very seriously. We sign business associate agreements as required under HIPAA. Sunoh follows the necessary Administrative, Physical & Technical safeguards as required by HIPAA. Sunoh uses industry-standard encryption and security protocols. It’s important to note, no hardware or software by itself is HIPAA compliant. The users using the product need to follow their obligations to confirm its compliance.

Yes, such as by adding custom templates or fields to the documentation process.

Sunoh can handle complex medical terminology or unusual medical cases thanks to its advanced algorithms and the ability to learn from new data and feedback.

Sunoh improves the efficiency and quality of patient care by saving providers up to two hours of documentation time daily, reducing errors, allowing them to better focus on their patients during visits, and helping them complete their Progress Notes and end their workday at the office.

Sunoh handles documentation requirements by providing tools to capture and record a patient’s conversation with the provider and ensuring that all relevant documentation is captured and recorded accurately.

Sunoh Medical AI Scribe can be for multiple specialties, including primary care, specialty care and more.

Sunoh handles voice recognition and transcription errors by using advanced algorithms to learn from errors and improve accuracy over time.

Sunoh Medical AI Scribe is for desktop computers, iOS and Android through an app.

To ensure the best results when using Sunoh, we recommend that you speak clearly and enunciate, position yourself near the microphone, and minimize background noise. This can help with accurate transcription and ensure that relevant information is captured.