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We are passionate about improving healthcare delivery through AI and ambient listening technology. We are engineers, medical professionals, and dreamers who want to help physicians reduce administrative burdens and get more time back in their day.

Doctors, nurse practitioners, and medical professionals worldwide are dedicated to providing quality healthcare. We are committed to helping these professionals by providing a service that makes their lives easier, saves time, reduces burnout, and improves care.

Sunoh: Listen

Sunoh means “listen,” and that’s just what we did. For years, we have heard the stories and experienced burnout firsthand. By listening to physicians and other medical professionals, we realized that our goal was simple: eliminate the need for providers to split their focus between listening to the patient and taking clinical notes. To enhance a provider’s ability to do that, we harnessed the power of Artificial Intelligence to develop a virtual scribe for clinical documentation. Through this solution, we’ve improved the efficiency of this process by allowing the providers to focus entirely on patient interactions and not documentation.

Why Sunoh? is EHR-agnostic, so it works with any EHR. And it’s transformative, so it helps providers deliver high-quality patient care. Your patients will love getting that face time back, and you will love extra time back in your day. Sunoh is more cost-effective than traditional medical scribes and other speech recognition solutions. We are privately held, which means we have the ability to focus solely on what our clients need.

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