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November 21, 2023

A doctor and Patient talking with the Sunoh logo inside speech bubbles made in a paper cut out art style

Physician burnout is a widely known issue across medical practices and other healthcare organizations. The conventional way of clinical documentation for patient encounters isn’t helping, but AI-powered (Artificial Intelligence) technological improvements such as ambient listening technology are providing the assistance physicians need for patient care.

Introducing, a revolutionary AI-powered ambient listening technology for clinical documentation. It acts as a virtual scribe by reducing administrative burdens, transcribing spoken language between healthcare providers and their patients, and turning it into clinical documentation. This allows the doctors to focus on patient care while Sunoh takes clinical notes faster and more efficiently than before with traditional methods.

With Sunoh, practices can transform their documentation process by creating tailored highlights, actionable alerts, relevant next steps, and an appointment summary for review and approval.

Sunoh Provides Ambient Clinical Intelligence converts spoken language into clinical notes by:

  • Using AI and ambient listening technology to pick up on the conversations between providers and patients in real-time
  • Accurately creates a transcript of the dialogue flow that distinguishes between the voices of the doctor and the patient.
  • Categorizing content automatically to fill various Progress Note sections.
  • Providing healthcare providers the ability to review and import relevant data for clinical documentation into their Electronic Health Record (EHR).
  • Producing a summary that identifies lab, imaging, procedure, and medication orders, as well as scheduling details of follow-up visits.
  • Allowing healthcare providers to review and edit content, adjust as needed, and merge pre-configured defaults with a single click.

Sunoh is a highly adaptable and customizable virtual scribe and can integrate with many EHR programs. It can recognize a wide variety of accents and dialects. It fits in with any existing workflow, from busy hospital settings and private practices to in-person appointments and telehealth visits. By minimizing manual data entry, simplifying documentation, and reducing administrative tasks, physician burnout can be reduced.

Sunoh makes clinical documentation faster, more efficient, and more cost-effective than traditional medical scribes. Request a demo to see how this AI-powered ambient listening technology can help your practice and improve your patient experience. Our team will guide you through setup and implementation, providing your medical practice with a seamless transition to this revolutionary medical documentation solution.

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