Revolutionizing Healthcare with AI

December 11, 2023


A microphone overlayed with code and an audio signal

In the rapidly evolving world of healthcare, integrating artificial intelligence (AI) technology into Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is transforming how providers interact with patients and manage their documentation. is a revolutionary tool that utilizes AI-powered ambient listening. This technology offers many benefits, making it a game-changer in the healthcare industry.

Time-Saving for Healthcare Providers

One of the most significant advantages of is its ability to save healthcare providers more than an hour a day on clinical documentation. listens to patient-provider encounters, uses AI voice recognition technology to create a transcript of the dialogue between the provider and patient, and then efficiently and effectively creates a visit note for the doctor to review. Streamlining the documentation process allows doctors to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time with patients.

A Cost-Effective Ambient Listening Technology Solution is a cost-effective solution to critical challenges in healthcare, such as physician burnout and administrative burden. Work overload can triple the risk of burnout in healthcare, with intricate documentation that requires the overuse of digital clicks and multitasking being significant contributing factors. allows providers to focus on patient care by generating clinical documentation, knowing the technology assists with administrative tasks.

Voice Recognition, Machine learning beyond Transcription goes beyond current AI transcription tools by creating tailored highlights, actionable alerts, relevant next steps, and a patient visit summary for the physician to review and approve. It also captures lab, imaging, and medication orders as well as referrals and follow-up appointment details. This comprehensive approach to documentation ensures that all relevant information is captured and recorded accurately, improving the efficiency and quality of patient care.

Clinical AI Integration and Compliance is EHR-agnostic, which means healthcare providers can use it alongside any EHR. Currently, Sunoh is integrated with eClinicalWorks, the largest ambulatory cloud EHR, making it a seamless addition to existing workflows. Furthermore, uses industry-standard security protocols. Sunoh does not transfer patient data outside of the practice’s EHR system. is a revolutionary tool that is transforming the healthcare industry. By saving time, reducing costs, and improving the quality of patient care, it is a valuable asset for any healthcare provider. Explore the future of healthcare documentation with’s innovative AI-powered ambient listening technology.

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